Defragmented Brains

This page gives you more information on our CTF team Defragmented Brains. We also have general information on CTF contests.

You can also view a selection of CTF contests we participated in.

ESSE -- Establishing Security

Our team Defragmented Brains is based on the ESSE (Establishing Security) research team of the research group INSO at the Vienna University of Technology.

For some years now we've been (external link)organizing our own CTF contests for some of our university lectures in the summer term.

Our Name

Our name Defragmented Brains originates a few thousand years ago, when everything was clean and tidy. Then, IT came and chaos began. We wanted our brains to be clean and tidy again, that's why we chose to have defragmented brains, and, hence, the name.

Obviously, wrong! You know, the real reason for the team name is... Our name was chosen because of the length it would have when using it as a domain. It was clear that the name must have 19 characters, since, the FQDN of our ESSE security research team at Vienna University of Technology, also has 26 characters and "www." and ".at/" needed to be added. Therefore, Defragmented Brains was born shortly after thinking about a name with 19 characters.

Again, wrong! The team name Defragmented Brains originates from the witty brains of the founding fathers of the Defragmented Brains team. A team name had to be found and, since we all had shiny, defragmented brains at the birth time of the new team name, we chose Defragmented Brains as our hacking motto.

Our Team

The first CTF contest we participated in was 2008. Since then we participated in many more CTF contests of different types. You can view some photos of our participations in CTF contests to get an impression.

If you are interested in joining our team contact us or join our mailinglist.

Website Information

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